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NEW SKOOL RULES: The Largest International Urban Conference 31MAY



NEW SKOOL RULES (ONLINE ) is FREE! ALL panels and showcases will be featured on this page! 
You need to register to be part of the panels.


This extra edition will be from May 29th-31st 2020 and will have the same goals as the regular New Skool Rules, which is, sharing and gaining knowledge, networking, doing business while having fun.

We will be hosting, panels, workshops, masterclasses, demo listening sessions and will even feature live performances. Of course, New Skool Rules would not be New Skool Rules without the legendary afterparty with live dj’s on.

Saturday, May 30th 2020. The panel members will range from the major labels like Motown, AtlanticRecords, Republic, Sony, Warner as well as the major publishers Warner/ Chappell, Sony/ ATV, Universal Publishing.

Of course, we have experts on branding, social media and other interesting topic matters as well. The line up with topic matters, times, panel members, artists etc, will be announced over the next weeks.

New Skool Rules Online is free of charge, but enlistment is mandatory.

If you wanna join (be interactive with) a panel register on to enter zoom panel.

Full time table also available on New Skool Rules website.

WORM Open City

WORM's Open City; a physical and mental state of being where we offer alternatives to dominant cultural movements. The future is now and we are currently expanding our programme to online events under the name WORM Open City Live.
At the moment all events are for free. We say indulge.

Showcase  (15:50 – 16:00)
 Eva Lima
Showcase  (17:00 – 17:15)
 J. Ward Brew


Showcase (20:30 – 20:45)  Âdïka


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