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LIVESTREAM Insomnia, LET`S PLAY!   :  18 JUN


Our host Lewis Ramos will be chatting and playing some Nintendo with Rotterdam based artists Sammie Sedano and Levi de Hoon (Kauwboy). Join the chat and ask them whatever you want while watching them play head to head, live in WORM’s legendary Central Station.

INSOMNIA is a group of students who enjoy all forms of art and pop culture. Due to recent events they have decided to join together with Worm and give you a livestream full of games and topics that you and your friends might enjoy. They are inviting different creatives to talk about their experiences during these trying times, but above all they want them (and you!) to just have fun. And you don’t have

to do anything, because they will bring it to you.

sammie-sedano-621x828 (1).jpeg

WORM Open City

WORM's Open City; a physical and mental state of being where we offer alternatives to dominant cultural movements. The future is now and we are currently expanding our programme to online events under the name WORM Open City Live.At the moment all events are for free. We say indulge.

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